How Long Do Baseball games Last? Latest Rules of Gameplay

The length of average baseball game is around 40 minutes and 2 hours. Baseball is the most famous sport in United States which also known as America’s national pastime. Moreover, the sport has been successful in earning a lot of fame worldwide especially in Asia and Latin America.

The average stadium attendance has been over 25,000 fans but the MLB stadium holds enough sway in the hearts of American games enthusiasts. The sport of baseball is famous for its cerebral nature including a current chess match between batter and pitcher. Significant spot events like dazzling, defensive plays, key strikeouts and home runs hold considerable sway.

However, the slow speed of play enables fans to participate in every nuance of a sport and makes for a thinking guy’s affair. Some baseball modernists have claimed that the sport does not move forward quickly. While, majority baseball modernists believe this might cause decline in fame or lack of growth for the game. These factors brought us to a question: how long do baseball games last?

How long do Baseball Games Last in 2023?

The repeated discussion about the length of an average baseball sport has never been a better time. A pitch clock is established for the 1st time in history of Major League Baseball in 2023. This clock allows 20 seconds for every pitch with runners on and 15 seconds with the bases empty. This is the most profound step while, many other measures are also taken recently to speed up the gameplay. An average gameplay time is down by almost 30 minutes with the introduction on this clock in 2023. In accordance with MLB’s official Twitter account, they are downed from 3:07 and dropped to around 2:37 in 2022.

How Long Do Baseball games Last

However, this has been the lowest normal time since 1984 when they have averaged 2:35. The season is young while, sample size is still comparatively small. It seems that people should see average gameplay times between 2:30 and 2:40 as long as the ongoing pitch clock rules are in place.

An Average Length of a Baseball Sport

Baseball has no game clock as compared to hockey, basketball and football. Moreover, there are periods, quarters and halves. A baseball gameplay lasts until it can complete without a timed clock for the sport. Most importantly, a baseball sport lasts nine innings and there are two halves in each inning.

In the 1st half, home team fields/pitches and the away team bats. On the contrary, the away team field/pitches while, the home team bats in the 2nd half. There is no need to bat if the home team is ahead after eight and a half innings because game is over. Due to this scenario, the average length of the game has been shorten. If both teams have been tied after nine innings, extra innings ensue, equivalent to overtime in sports such as hockey, football and basketball. The length of sports are determined and fluid by how long do baseball games last to complete nine innings.


There are many factors involved into an average length game, involving how high scoring the sport is and other considerations. As a general rule of thumb, the baseball sports went historically longer and longer with the passage of time. Average times in the modern era clocked in at a little over three hours until the introduction of the pitch clock. However, people are in uncharted region with a rule which has brought us back in time close to forty years in a normal length game. If you prefer MLB sport in 2023, barring additional innings, you can also expect it to last almost 40 minutes and two hours.

The Objective of a Baseball Sport

The main purpose in baseball is to score more runs as compared to your opposing team. Moreover, batters hit against pitchers, attempt to hit home runs or to get on base. It is essential for base runners to cross home plate in one fashion or other to score runs. If a team is fielding/pitching it means they intend to stop opposing hitters from crossing pate and reaching base. If a team is batting, the main purpose is to get on base, score the runs and cross home plate.

What Factors do add to the Time of Baseball Games?

One might wonder why some sports are longer than others since baseball game lengths are dynamic. Here, we will discuss few of these contributing factors.

  • Offensive Production

Innings take longer when teams are scoring runs.

  • Calls to the Bullpen

They warm up on the mound and stopping play when a new pitcher comes in.

  • Managerial Issues/Replay Reviews

On-field replay takes time and stops gameplay. Occasionally, the gameplay might face delays because of umpiring concerns with rules being followed about manager substitutions.

  • Slow Batters and Pitchers

When batters and pitchers play too longer then it is a time taken phenomenon. However, this is possible to reduce it by introducing the pitch clock rules.

  • Batter Timeouts and Pick-Off Moves

Hitters taking timeouts and pitchers holding runners on slow down a gameplay. Therefore, new pitch clock rules can only dismantle this problem.

  • Fights and Arguments

Brawls or verbal disagreements between coaches/managers and players on opposing teams will take few minutes in gameplay. Therefore, managers and players may ensure argumentation with umpires.

  • Umpire and Player Injuries

When an umpire or player is not even replaced then injury timeouts will extend innings. It will be even umpires and players experience serious issues or hit by balls.

  • Weather Delay

If there is raining during a gameplay then it may face delay of few minutes to several hours.

  • Random Occurrences

Unexpected delays may occur occasionally like lighting/electrical problems or spectators/animals on the field, although not common.

  • Extra Innings

It is obvious extended that game lengths ensue when a gameplay goes to extra innings.

Latest Rules to Speed up the Gameplay

The baseball has been evolving for the last couple of years. However, we will discuss all these rule one by one.

  • For 2017

In 2017, the MLB has started taking aggressive measures to speed up the gameplay. Moreover, a rule was established to allow a signal, indicating an intentional walk to a batter as compared to requiring 4 pitches to be thrown outside the strike zone.

  • Rules for 2020

1n 2020, we have witnessed few significant initiatives to shorten the gameplay. For example, a rule was introduced in which a pitcher will face at least 3 batters in his single appearance or pitch to the end of a half-inning. This was a great initiative to reduce the time as takes for many calls to the bullpen in an inning. Moreover, managers had to bring in relievers to face at least one or two batters especially left handed experts.

We have also witnessed a rule which put a runner on 2nd base to begin every half of each inning in extra innings. It has somehow, reduced the chances for extra innings to go on drastically. The rule has been controversial among baseball purists. A rule ‘’Seven-inning, doubleheaders was also introduced however, it did not remained continue beyond the COVID-10 pandemic.

How Long Do Baseball games Last

  • 2023 Rules of Gameplay

We saw few very significant developments in 2023 after a quiet couple of years on the rule change front. For example, a rule was made permanent such as the runner on 2nd base in extra innings rule of 2020. However, it has never been a permanent rule before 2023.

Furthermore, the introduction of 15-20 seconds pitch clock in 2023 was the most critical rule impacting pace and game length. Therefore, we have witnessed a 30-minutes average decline in game times because of this development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Long Do Baseball Games Last?

The length of an average baseball gameplay is around 2 hours and 40 minutes in 2023.

Q. How Many Innings Does A Baseball Game Hold?

If a home team leads after the top of 9th then a baseball game lasts nine innings, or eight and a half. It goes on into indefinite extra innings until a team starts taking lead at the end of an inning in case if game is tied. In case of weather delay, the players can delay earlier than nine innings.

Q. What is the Purpose of Baseball?

The main objective is to score more runs than the opposing team at the end of game.


There are multiple factors involved which came us back to the question: how long do baseball games last? Baseball is one of the most famous games in United States of America. However, the length of average baseball game is around 40 minutes and 2 hours.

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