HomeWorkify: How Does It Work? Alternatives & Benefits

Homeworkify is a website which helps students in getting and searching answers to the questions. Moreover, it offers free services therefore, users enjoy to praise about it. An individual needs to paste link in the search bar available on the site and the solutions search engine immediately receive his answers. Homeworkify provides step-by-step solutions for every problem therefore, it has been beneficial for such students who struggle. In this article, you will get information about features, alternatives and safety of Homeworkify.

What is Homeworkify?

It is an AI-powered homework assistant application which was developed to help students of all ages regarding their academic assignments. The app features a homework solver that gives explanations and solutions on subjects including history, science and mathematics. Moreover, the app’s AI-powered teacher offers exam & test preparation services, detailed feedback and interactive learning for language proficiency tests like TOEFL, PTE, GRE and IELTS.

AI teacher of Homeworkify is equipped to give feedback and questions whether studying physics, mathematics and other subjects across a wide range of subjects.

Best Alternatives to Homeworkify

There are 3 main alternatives to Homeworkify which we will discuss one by one.

  • Symbolab

It is a similar website as that of Homeworkify, it also offers step-by-step solutions related to mathematical problems searched by its users. The interface of Homeworkify is quite easy to understand. However, it is focusing only on showing those solutions for the problems which are searched by its users. Therefore, Homeworkify is a perfect platform for kids to search for solutions of complex mathematical problems.

  • Desmos

It is also a free tool which helps in solving mathematical problems. Moreover, it has been useful for both teachers and students. Because teachers can find step-by-step solutions for better explanation to their students in the lecture. On the other hand, students are able to find solutions for complex problems through desmos.

  • Numerade

Numerade is a virtual learning forum that allows its users to search for their problems by uploading a picture of any question. Similarly, it also helps users in searching for their complex mathematical problems. Students can have a better understanding of multiple topics by watching videos related to every topic on numerade. Consequently, they are able to clear each concept of different topics.

  • Chegg

It provides students many study assistances such as rental textbook, digital homework and online tutoring solutions. However, it has been a reliable and famous platform with a great selection of resources available at an affordable price and for online homework assistance. Those who want fast and reliable support for their online homework then chegg is the go-to platform. This comprehensive website gives quick answers to any query, offering users access to a wealth of knowledge.

  • MyMathLab

It has been an excellent study companion for every math student. Moreover, the online platform improves your skills in short period of time with personalized study plans, interactive lessons and tailored feedback on math subjects. It is useful for those who want to polish their math skills and intend to take to the next level.

  • Quizplus

It is a college and technology related platform. It provides students a wide range of resources and tools like step-by-step tutorials and practice tests etc. However, students get customized assignments and study plans tailored to their learning styles with this forum. An individual can earn points to purchase quizzes and decks which will broaden his base of knowledge.

Is Homeworkify Legal to Use?

Homeworkify can help many people on the basis of having different reviews on different platforms by its users. However, students have been experiencing problems in getting the answers. We have highlighted ratings by multiple scam detector websites.

  1. Scam-detector website has offered a 37.7% trust index rating to Homeworkify.net.
  2. Islegitsite website has offered a high potential legal rating to Homeworkify.net.
  3. Emailveritas website has offered a dangerous rating to Homeworkify.net.

Features of Homeworkify

There are many features of Homeworkify available which we will discuss below.

  • The tool has an Essay Assistant which is useful to guide students via the writing process. It includes tracking features, a study planner to develop a personalized study schedule with goal-setting and brainstorming ideas to proofreading final drafts.
  • It is possible to upgrade the app’s comprehensive support to Homeworkify Premium for live 1-on-1 touring sessions with skillful mentors for support in real-time and personalized guidance.
  • Homeworkify is easily accessible on both iPhone and android devices. The application is developed especially to support students learning. However, students should use it responsibly and in conjunction with their own efforts.
  • The privacy policy of Homeworkify ensures protection and privacy which has been a top priority of every developer. Moreover, it is a user-friendly and an intuitive tool for students to achieve academic excellence and to ace their homework.

Why is Homeworkify Different from Other Services?

On-Demand Skillful Mentors:

Tutors offer on-demand access to knowledgeable instructors who help a student in completing his assignment instantly. With this quick and dependable service, a student can talk with his mentor for few minutes and get going on his project. Furthermore, tutors can assist you even if you need it unexpectedly or at an odd time because the instructors are available around-the-clock.

Affordable Prices:

As other businesses are charging a premium but Homeworkify provides affordable tutoring rates. Therefore, student can feel himself completely secure because of not paying a single penny.

Money Return Guarantee:

There is no problem if an individual is not feeling satisfaction with the service. He may be sure that his purchasing is risk-free because of the total money return guarantee. They will be pleased to refund you if you get in touch within 14 days after your purchase. Why are you waiting? These are only some examples which differentiate it from the competition. To finish your homework efficiently and swiftly, you can start using Homeworkify in this regard.

Different Services at Homeworkify

The app has been offering many services which we will discuss one by one.

Drafting Assistance:

Get assistance with academic papers, business proposals, writing and editing essays.

Design Assistance:

Do you need assistance in developing visual content, presentations or info graphics? You must avoid looking somewhere else.

Live Sessions:

Approach a team of skillful people at any moment in order to get instant input on your projects. If you are facing problem in solving an assignment then Homeworkify is a great tool in this regard.

How to Get Started with Homeworkify?

The best thing about Homeworkify is that how simple it is to get going. Simply setting up and registering your account are required. It demands the subject, contact information, your name and category of assistance. A person can start perusing Homeworkify’s list of tutors to determine which one best meets his needs, following the registration and addition of course demands.

An individual needs to read their background information, their ratings to see what other clients say about them if he wants a comprehensive look at their credentials before choosing. If you are ready to start working with a tutor then multiple payment sources are available. These sources are simple and safe regarding payments for both tutors and students. A person can use credit card, PayPal and Stripe to make his payment.

Advantages of Using Homeworkify

There are many benefits of using Homeworkify which we will further discuss in this article. They are providing many services ranging from exam preparation and assignments to research projects and term papers. Therefore, an individual can easily decide what kind of task he needs assistance with. There are some professionals available to finish your work. They also present individualized solution for multiple kinds of pupils.

Moreover, expert writers can give a unique answer which satisfies all of your requirements regardless of complexity or academic level of your subject. The quality control staff double checks each solution to ensure either it meets the highest requirements or not. You will get the required assistance because of 24/7 customer service at Homeworkify. They always make their customers satisfied with their outstanding services. You will receive a complete refund if you are dissatisfied with the outcomes they provide.

Consequently, if you face any problem regarding assignment or others then helpful team will assist you in every query or issue.


Our Comments

Homeworkify is an online platform through which students can take their sessions related to study. In addition to this, students can approach an expert tutor on Homeworkify. It is a free app and transferring of payment is easy.

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