How to Reset Xfinity Cable Box? Easy Steps (2023)

Xfinity is the most famous cable company in United States of America. As one of the powerful companies, an xfinity cable box is a prime digital receiver of live entertainment in each house which gets cable. Moreover, an xfinity cable of a person is not immune to breakdowns. However, this can stop working functioning unexpectedly, leaving you stuck. An instant look via your manual may offer several pointers for repairing and analyzing an xfinity cable box which is not properly working. It can take a long period of time and does not render the most desired results. In this article, you will see how to reset xfinity cable box.

How to Fix Xfinity Cable Box Not Working Problem?

There could be several factors behind the issue; you must restart an electronic device as a tested way to deal virtually with any broken equipment. Moreover, it has been very common in fixing methods therefore, it must be your go-to, initial solution. You should approach a little deeper, for example, resetting if it does not work properly. We will recommend you to examine all the fixes which we will discuss below one by one.

Best Methods to Reset your Xfinity Cable Box

  1. Restarting

Choosing the Help Menu on Xfinity Cable Box

  • A person can restart his cable box by selecting the reset option and navigating to the Xfinity help menu. You must follow the below instructions in this regard.
  • Click on the ‘’A’’ button on your remote control to access the help menu.
  • Choose ‘’Restart’’ and then press ‘’Ok’’.
  • Choose restart again by clicking on ‘’OK’’ in case of confirmation notice appears.
  • Now, the process to restart your device would automatically begin.


Choosing the Restore Default Option

  • Users who intend to implement a factory reset without using the app can utilize it in this way.
  • Pressing the power button and power on your device by pushing on cable box until the green light starts to blink.
  • Push the power and menu buttons on your remote to access the user settings at the same time.
  • An individual should navigate to the option Restore Defaults.
  • Click on the right button to begin the reset and then press ‘’OK’’.

Unplugging the Xfinity Cable Box

First of all, an individual must power off his device completely and eliminate the key plug for the power board. Until there are no more cables, remove all the cables attached to the cable box. Once it is done, leave it idle for few minutes and begin re-connecting the wires again.

After all the cables are connected, switch on your device and put the main plug into the power board. Look at if the issue persists, after turning on the device.

power off

Choosing the Xfinity Cable Box Power Option

It is a 1st step to making you cable working rightly again. You can hold and push the power switch on it for at least 15 seconds or turn off your cable box with the remote, so, it will restart automatically. An individual must ensure either all the cables are attached tightly or not. Check if this procedure works; otherwise, go the next fix.

  • Resetting

Smooth Resetting the Xfinity Cable

It is more likely that your cable does not work properly because it is stuck on a sort of program. You can fix the issue be restarting the cable box. You are bale to restart your cable box through multiple ways.

  • First of all, use a power button available on the cable box.
  • Menu inside with the navigation of device settings.
  • With using the help menu of your cable box.

Factory Resetting your Xfinity Cable Box

There are only two methods through which you can reset your cable box to factory default and fix the Xfinity cable box not working issue. An individual can ensure smooth reset which equals to eliminating all the cables connected to your device and re-connecting them again.

However, the last option is to eliminate all the record in your device, taking it back to its factory setting. Furthermore, there are multiple methods through which a person can conduct the factory reset process.


Choosing the Xfinity My Account App

The Xfinity My Account App is available on the both Apple Store and Google Play Store. You must first install and download the app on your smartphone, if you want to use this procedure to reset your cable box. Now, follow the important instructions after installing the application.

  • Install the app on your cell phone.
  • Select the TV option from an overview menu.
  • Choose your device for the list.
  • Refresh the system to reset your Xfinity cable box after choosing the troubleshooting option.
  • Now, you should wait for the process to complete.

Call Xfinity Tech Help

If you are still fully receiving a proper signal on your Xfinity cable box then you need a professional assistance. A person must use his smartphone to contact a Customer Care Hotline. Moreover, you can dial 1-800-Comcast or 1-800-266-2278 during business hours. Once connected, explain the problem to your customer account information and technician. Consequently, a technician will reset the signal through their machine and your device will update. However, this procedure takes a lot of time to complete.

  • Reset with power Cord

A power cord reset also known as Power Cycle or Hard Reset is the best possible way to reset your cable box, without targeting any sensitive data either. It has proven to work on devices which face software or hardware problems, taking only five minutes.

restart with power cord


  • It can discharge the cable box.
  • It is useful with equipment problems.
  • It can solve out software issues.

These are the key benefits of using a power cord reset in this regard.

  • ‘’System Refresh’’ the Cable Box

It is available only with Xfinity cable box, the ‘’System Refresh’’ which can fix common problems like signal issues, issues with on-demand streaming and lost channels. If you do not want to factory reset your cable box then it is an effective technique. However, there are none of the methods which are reliable and authentic so far.


  • Resolves the temporal cable box problems.
  • It can help for returning lost guide channels.
  • It can fix buffering with on-demand content.
  • Resolves potential internet problems.

These are the key benefits of using ‘’system refresh’’ the cable box.

  • Factory Reset your Cable Box

Erase the whole system is the final and reliable way to perform a reset on your Xfinity cable box. Also known as ‘’Factory Reset’’, the process will delete all the data on your cable box such as potential recordings, saved content, activated features and settings.


  • It is helpful for multiple software problems.
  • It can easily clean up an operating system installation.
  • It is helpful for erasing any corrupted files and data.


  • It erases all system configuration and settings.
  • There is no initial step carried out.
  • Any unbacked up data and record will be lost.

How to Use Universal Remote?

You can also use a Flipper Universal Remote in case of losing your original remote. However, it can function with Xfinity cable box until the streaming device works through IR (Infrared). Remember that, Flex and Xfinity X1 are using Wi-Fi remote therefore, it provides no longer support to IR remote controls.

All Methods to Reset your Cable Box

There is a lot of methods available through which you can reset your Xfinity cable box. However, every method has its own different style of working. Keep one thing in mind, you can activate either a ‘’factory’’ or ‘’system refresh’’ function reset on your cable box from ‘’Disaster Recovery’’. Factory reset has ability to remove all info and content on your xfinity cable box.

Type of Reset Useful with:
Factory System Reset Any software related issues
OS Refresh System Wi-Fi connectivity, Lost channels
Power Cord System Black/frozen screens, power problems
Power Button Reset Inactive settings, software conflicts
Help-Menu Reset Issues with features, settings and apps


How to reset xfinity cable box? There are many methods through which you can easily reset your cable box. In addition to these, your cable box experiences multiple problems during its operating function. Most of the time, your cable box gets software issues, Wi-Fi connectivity, power problems and vice versa. We can resolve these all issues by following an easy procedure which we have discussed above. This is a complete information about how to reset Xfinity cable box.

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