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Ski Bri is a 24-year-old adult movie actress. She also gains popularity due to being Jake Paul’s girlfriend. Moreover, she regularly shares bold photos and videos on her social media accounts. Physically, she has blonde hair, an attractive face feature, and blue eyes.

This article will include complete family details, career success, and relationship status. Moreover, it will highlight all of her income sources and net worth.

Who Is Ski Bri?

She is a model and adult movie actress with a social media-influenced personality. She is also famously known as the rumored girlfriend of Jake Paul. Ski Bri is her short name instead of Skylar Bri. Due to her bold personality, she gains immediate success. That’s why her account is filled with beautiful pictures, dancing videos, and lip-syncing, with the addition of comedy videos. Moreover, she also shares her photographs and short-dress modeling photo shoots on her Instagram account.

Full name Skylar Bri
Age 24 years old
Nickname Ski
Ethnicity White
Birth place Pennsylvania, US
Relationships Jack Paul (ex)
Citizenship America
Hobbies Modeling

Birthplace And Age

According to the current calculations, she is 24 years old. She was born on February 21, 1999. Her birthplace is Pennsylvania, US. Moreover, she has American citizenship. In terms of ethnicity, she is white.

Family Details Of Ski Bri

She is very private when it comes to family. As a result, she also makes no posts about her parents. In addition, there is also no information about his siblings.

Physical Features Of Ski Bri

She has an attractive body with glamorous looks. When it comes to height, she is 5’8. However, in the case of Wight, she is 53kg. Moreover, she has a beautiful and slim waist. Most of the time, she wears bold dresses. She prefers to wear short dresses. Her skin tone is fair. With her long blonde hair and blue eyes, she has an attractive personality.

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Height 5’8
Hair color Blonde
Weight 53kg
Eye color Blue
Body measurements 34-25-36
Skin tone Fair

Relationship Status Of Ski Bri

When it comes to relationships, she was the girlfriend of Jake Paul. They dated each other for a very short time. Afterwards, they break up with each other. Moreover, according to the reports, they both have their names tattooed on each other. However, after their breakup, they removed it through the laser treatment. That is why she is currently single. Right now, there are no details about whether she is dating someone or not.

Interesting Facts About Skiing

  • Right now she is 24 and living in Los Angeles.
  • Moreover, she is very popular among the adult content creators on OnlyFans.
  • Due to the photo shoots, stunning looks, and features, she is an internet sensation.
  • She is fond of tattoos and has multiple minimal tattoos on her body.
  • Most of the famous stars, including Katie Holmes, Eva Elfie, and Astrid Wett, are also following her on Instagram.

How Does Sky Bri Gain Popularity? Journey To Fame

She has nothing before 2021. She started her career through the OnlyFans account. Her videos and other content leaked through this platform. Afterwards, this content was helpful in making her popular. Instantly, there was a rise in her following. That’s why she became more popular through these viral social media videos. However, there is no specific YouTube channel where she shares her content. Still, she appears on different YouTube channels.

Total Net Worth Of Sky Bri

She is an attractive model with a social personality. She built her worth using branding, modeling, and through the OnlyFans account. Right after some struggle, she earns a lot of fame for this. She is charging a heavy amount from this private account on OnlyFans. She is probably earning $5 a month. Moreover, she is also earning a lot of money from brand deals and sponsorships.

Social Media Handles

She remains active on various social media platforms most of the time. On different platforms, she is always active. Additionally, she has a million followers on Instagram. However, her Twitter account has 700,000 followers. Moreover, there are 20,000 followers on the Twitch channel.

Twitter account Skybri_
Instagram account realskybri
Twitch channel therealskybri
Tiktok account skybribaby
Onlyfans account realskybri

Sky Bri’s Instagram Fame

Instagram is the platform where a person can showcase her talents and daily activities. She regularly shares her videos and other content on the account. Moreover, she has more followers than 1.7 million.

Favorite Things About Sky Bri

  • When it comes to food, she loves to eat Italian cuisine.
  • Her favorite colors are pink and black.
  • Moreover, her favorite actors include Lior Raz, Alon Abutbul, and Lior Ashkenazi.
  • Her favorite actresses are Alona Tal and Gal Gadot.

Accusations And Denials Of Sky Bri On Shy Glizzy

She states that she accuses him of misconduct. However she clarifies that she didn’t have any problems during the photo shoots. She says that she loves to appear in this video, in which she receives an offer to negotiate the amount of $5000 to $3000. However, she clarifies that right now, for the current music video, the behavior is totally different. She states that he forced her to do the physical act of drag and also wants to pay the dues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Sky Bri?

She is well known and famous due to her bold appearance. Moreover, she is a famous personality on Twitch and OnlyFans.

Who Is The Boyfriend Of Sky Bri?

Jack Paul was the person who dated Sky Bri. However, right now they’re breaking up. Both of them also share the same tattoos. After the breakup, they also removed it through the laser.

How Old Is Sky Bri?

Sky Bri is actually a 24-year-old model.

Final Thoughts

Ski Bri is famously known due to her bold and attractive personality. She is 24 years old. However, due to her association with adult movies and leaked videos, she gains popularity. Moreover she was also famous due to her relationship status with Jack Paul. She is currently single following their breakup. As a result she is an internet sensation with hundreds of followers.



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