How to spotify playlist in a bottle? Step By Step Guide

What is the function of a Spotify playlist in a bottle? Basically, Spotify is a popular music application. You can save your favorite song list through this feature. That will be unlocked in January 2024. You can use a time capsule that was applicable to all Spotify users before January 2023.

This article will completely guide you through Spotify playlists in a bottle. Moreover, it will include all the features and details along with its step-by-step procedures.

How to Spotify Playlist In A Bottle?

As you know, Spotify is a music application where you can find songs of all genres. Moreover, you can also find different supportive functions in it. Using the feature of Spotify playlists in a bottle, you can choose to make a list that can be a kind of reminder for last year. However, this feature is totally different from the Spotify wrap. The function of Spotify Wrap is to list the past year’s top songs and artists. For Spotify’s playlist in a bottle, you have to answer some questions. Afterwards, you can lock this amazing feature. Additionally, you can also control which songs you want to store here.

How Does Spotify Playlist In A Bottle Work?

This will be helpful to lock down your song list. Moreover, you can seal it. After one year, it will remind you. Eventually, you can only create one song list in a bottle at a time. Moreover, this feature access is closed on January 31, 2023. That’s why all the lists that are sealed in it will be going to be reminded in 2024.

How Does Spotify Playlist In A Bottle Work?

Important Features Of Spotify Playlist In A Bottle

However, this is one of the best options that you can use on your Spotify account. Further, it has some interesting features that might be helpful. That are;

  1. “Spotify playlist in a Bottle” is a free feature in Spotify.
  2. Additionally, if you start to cancel your premium subscription, you will still be able to get access to it.
  3. This playlist is totally unique, as you can’t choose any random songs from the list.
  4. You can store a theme-based song list here.
  5. This feature is available before January 31.
  6. Moreover, you can create this list at any time.
  7. It will give the reminder feature exactly on time after one year.
  8. You can also store songs for the future.
  9. It’s helpful to store your favorite songs.
  10. Spotify will remind you to open this list.
  11. It’s an excellent method for storing songs.
  12. You can choose and attach songs with different themes in one place.

Important Features Of Spotify Playlist In A Bottle

What Is A Spotify Time Capsule?

You can select the kind and type of time capsule from different formats. However, the most common kinds of time capsules will allow you to select and add either a teddy bear, lunch box, or bottle. Afterwards, as you get the questions, there will be three questions that will appear on screen. You have to answer it in the form of a song. However, this answer will be about the song you want to listen to in 2023. It may be a song that reminds you of someone. It might be a kind of guilty pleasure, moreover.

Steps For Creating A Spotify Playlist In A Bottle

Whenever you decide to design this list, this brief will be helpful for you. You can follow some simple steps, and then you can add these songs to this list.

  1. First of all, you need to open the link:
  2. This mobile link will be open in your Spotify mobile application.
  3. Afterwards, you have to click the option “get started”.
  4. Right now, it will lead you to the page where you can select and add your songs to the list.
  5. You can choose and move or swipe the right and left navigation buttons; through this, you can change your selection.
  6. Afterwards, you have to select the next option.
  7. Now you will encounter different questions on the Spotify page.
  8. Right now, you have to answer at least three questions.

Steps For Creating A Spotify Playlist In A Bottle

  1. However, you can also select to change the question.
  2. With the help of the random button option, you can also see the suggestions from Spotify.
  3. Moreover, you can also enter a song name in the bar.
  4. Additionally, you can choose the songs that you want to add here.
Steps For Creating A Spotify Playlist In A Bottle
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  1. Once you finish your search, you can choose to select the next tap.
  2. After answering at least three questions, you can also choose to answer further questions.
  3. Afterwards, you can choose to select I am done button.
Steps For Creating A Spotify Playlist In A Bottle
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  1. Through the features of add songs,” you can also tap or select lock in to add these all to your play list.
  2. Moreover, you can now tap the share option to share it on social media. You can choose it if you want.
  3. However, you can also select the back arrow and open Spotify’s home page once again.

Benefits Of Spotify Playlist In A Bottle

  1. There are multiple benefits to using this feature. That are;
  2. It makes a time capsule that will remind you after a year.
  3. You can choose to select multiple songs with different themes.
  4. This feature is available for both premium and free users of Spotify.
  5. Once you make this list, it will reopen in 2024.
  6. All of your song lists will be permanently stored here.
  7. You can save your favorite songs easily.
  8. Moreover, you can also choose to share this list on social media.
  9. This seal list will be reopened again in January 2024.

People’s Reactions To Spotify Playlist In A Bottle

This is an interesting and unique feature. People are attracted to this unique feature. Just after its arrival, they started to post it on different social media platforms. Additionally, people start to share it on Twitter and other apps. Most people enjoy it and also praise such a unique idea. This is an amazing option that allows you to store it until 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I do a playlist in a bottle on Spotify?

You can simply make and store your song list with this feature. Go to After selecting this, you have to give answers to some questions, and then you can move on to the next steps for making and adding songs to the list.

Q. How do you make a BTS playlist on Spotify?

To create an artist list on Spotify, you have to follow some basic steps. You can visit the artists page, scroll down, and then select the feature “artist pick”. This way, you can prepare any artist’s song list.

Q. How do I get my time capsule on Spotify?

First of all, you have to update your Spotify application. After opening the link, you can choose further. Additionally, you can pick up a pocket, bottle, machine, jean, teddy, lunch box, or bear. Right now, you have to answer certain questions before you can get the time capsule.

Final Thoughts

If you are a music lover, Spotify is the best. Right now, Spotify has also introduced a new feature with the name “Spotify Playlist in a Bottle.” However, it’s an interesting option for premium and free users. This feature will be unlocked only in 2024. Additionally, this will remind you about your choices and add them to your account. Moreover, this feature was locked in January 2023. Right now, this song list will reopen and be available in 2024. This feature can also be shared on social media sites.

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