Paramount plus/roku: How to subscribe? Fix(If not working)

How can I add Paramount Plus/Roku? Why is this not working? In order to add paramount to your device, you must have compatible streaming devices. Additionally, you can add it through the web or mobile devices. You can watch different contents through the subscription and the 7-day trial. It might not be working due to an internet problem or other reasons. That’s why you reset your mobile, Roku, change factory settings, etc.

This article will cover the process of adding paramount, subscribing, and using ways. Moreover, it will include solutions if it’s not working.

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What Is A Roku TV? How Paramount Plus/Roku Are Compatible?

First of all, most of the devices contain this app to download and include the streaming platform. However, in the case of an old model, you will not see it or install it. That’s why Priority can be seen on the 4K Roku, Roku TV, and other streaming players. Other compatible devices that you can buy from any store are following;

  • Roku 3 and 4
  • Roku Express and Express+
  • Newer version of Roku HD
  • Roku Ultra and Ultra LT
  • Newer version of Roku 2
  • Roku Premiere and Premiere+

Content Available On Paramount Plus/Roku

Basically, there is a huge content list available on this channel. You can watch different movie originals, reality, action, comedy, drama, and other shows for kids as well. Additionally, you can watch all of its contents ad-free. Moreover, this service is available at such a low cost. Afterwards, you can also start to download its contents; that is the basic feature, which is available for 30 days. This download is available from the playback start to 48 hours later.

Process Of Adding Paramount Plus/Roku

First of all, you have to download any streaming app in order to watch the latest shows and movies.

  1. First of all, you have to be on a Roku device.
  2. Later on, connect it with the TV.
  3. Now you can use the navigation side bar as well as the arrow pads on the remote.
  4. Afterwards, you have to search for the paramount.
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  1. Now you need to choose the app.
  2. Afterwards, select to add this on the channel, and it will install the paramount plus/roku.
  3. Afterwards, it will start to appear as one of the channels on the TV.
  4. Moreover, if you don’t find the paramount there, it means your streaming devices are not compatible with each other.

How To Add Paramount Plus Or Roku Through The Mobile Apps Or Using The Web

1. Access Through The Web;

Moreover, if you don’t have any source for its physical device, you can also choose to remotely use this device. For web downloading, you have to follow some steps:

  1. First of all, open on your device.
  2. Afterwards, choose to sign in there.
  3. You also have to enter your Roku login details.
  4. Now you need to search for the paramount there.
  5. After this, you have to select the app, and now you can easily add this channel.

2. Access Through The Mobile;

  1. First of all, you need to download the Roku app on your mobile.
  2. Now you need to insert your login details.
  3. Afterwards, choose the paramount plus that you want to add.
  4. Just after connecting with it, you have to hit the apps on Roku.
  5. Now you need to press the store tab.
  6. Afterwards, you can easily choose to download on any device.

Steps To Sign Up Or Login To Paramount Plus/Roku

Just after this application starts to show on your Roku channel, you have to use the arrow keys. Moreover, you can select and have to press the “OK” button. Automatically, this will go towards the login page. From here, you can easily sign up for the paramount plus or roku. You have to choose the signup account if there is no existing account. After this, you just have to follow the instructions in order to create your account. You can also enter the account pin. You can also choose to make the payment through With the use of login credentials, you can directly login by inserting the information. You have to type it in on the Roku remote or on the paramount plus/Roku website.

How Can I Subscribe To Paramount Plus/Roku?

With the newest addition of features, users can also get access to the Roku app. Users can easily subscribe to the paramount. For that purpose, the users have to follow some steps.

  1. First of all, you have to browse the paramount plus/roku on Google or Chrome.
  2. Now you can easily sign up here.
  3. This will provide you with a 7-day trial.
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  1. You have to click on the option for a free trial.
  2. Additionally, there will not be any kind of extra charge or fee to proceed.
  3. Afterwards, the users can easily choose to visit and sign up for the Roku app.
  4. Moreover, you can also select and directly connect your TV to the Roku channel.

Premium Subscriptions On Paramount Plus/Roku

This channel also features the option of a premium subscription. It actually has 50 or more partners in order to supply the best content. However, if you choose to have the subscription, there will be multiple benefits in that case. It will have the following features in its premium subscription on Priority Plus or Roku:

  1. It will include the saving option and give you the saving list.
  2. You will experience single-click signup features here.
  3. Moreover, you can watch all the content with the continue watching” option.
  4. You will receive the option of a monthly bill, which would make it easier to continue.

Cost For Paramount Plus/Roku

Usually, the premium packages on the Priority Plus cost about $9.99 for a month. However, the essential packages for the month usually cost $4.99 per month.

Free Trial

The free trial services are available for 7 days.

Subscription Benefits On Paramount Plus/Roku

Once you subscribe to this channel, you will be able to see the contents anywhere. After the promotional time period, your type of subscription will automatically renew within the time limit. That’s why your subscription fee will be dedicated until you choose to cancel this feature. However, you can cancel this subscription at any time on the paramount Plus or Roku. However, this cancellation will also affect the time period during which you are using it. That’s why, in order to continue, you need to subscribe to its services.

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How Can It Use It?

Privacy Policy Of Paramount Plus/Roku

Subscription Terms For Paramount Plus/Roku

What To Do If Paramount Plus/Roku Is Not Working?

Whenever it’s not running on your device, you have to follow some instructions.

1. Try to reset your mobile and try again.

2. Try to press the home button five times, then the up arrow, and choose to click on the rewind button two times.

3. Moreover, try to reset Roku. Due to this, the device cache will be cleared easily.

4. Unplug your Roku device and TV.

5. You should also check that either the Paramount Plus/Roku servers are down or not.

6. If it still doesn’t work, try to reinstall the paramount app.

7. Additionally, you can choose to reset the WiFi router.

8. Try to check your internet connection and speed.

9. Moreover, you can update your Roku OS.

10. Choose the factory reset option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Paramount Plus On Roku TV?

Yes, this paramount channel is available to add to the Roku channel. Through this, you can stream unlimited content from one place.

Q. QIs Paramount Plus On Roku Free?

No, it charges a fee. You can choose a subscription of either 4.99 per month or 9.99 per month.

Q. How Do I Activate Paramount Plus On Roku?

For that purpose, you have to first launch Priority. Than move towards the sign in select it’s TV. Enter the credentials, and after this, you can go to the subscription.


Now you can choose to use the paramount plus/Roku with a compatible device. Additionally, you can use it on mobile and also make it for web use. However, you have to subscribe after choosing a suitable subscription package. Moreover, it will auto-subscribe each month until you cancel its subscription. It will work effectively, but if there’s any connection problem, it will not work.

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