Is Ark Cross Platform? Guide to Crossplay Gaming 2023

Is Ark cross platform? Basically, it’s a game that is not compatible with all platforms. However, iOS and Android users can easily cross-play this game. Nintendo is not compatible with any platform. Additionally, Linux and Mac users can also cross-play it with Steam copy users. That’s why it’s not supporting all the platforms overall.

This article will analyze all the cross-play compatible platforms for the Ark game. Using this information, you can also play Ark in multiplayer mode across different platforms.

What Is An Ark? Is Ark Cross Platform?

First of all, it’s important to know that Ark is a gaming experience. Basically, it launches in 2020. However, it’s in the news that it will arrive soon in different sequels. Its sequel features Vin Diesel. However, these games are available to play on different mediums. Additionally, it is right now going in the down stage. According to the previous sessions, it is available for cross-play on the Xbox and PC. It’s also interesting that either it will remain on the plate or not. The Ark game is not very compatible with cross-play on all platforms. However, it might be possible that Ark2 will contain this feature.

What Is The Meaning Of Cross-Play?

People who love to play Ark can use different devices to do so. Additionally, they can choose PC, mobile, Xbox, PlayStation, and other mediums. Basically, cross-play allows the users to use different devices and still choose to play together. Technically, this game is multiplayer and can be played on the cross-play medium. They can manage to play it together.

Is Ark Cross Platform?

Its good news for the players of Ark. Basically, they can choose to play any game here at any time. It will support the multiplayer system. Moreover, it’s good news for you that it can easily be playful across different mediums. That’s why these are not divided into different mediums. However, you can choose to play different mediums. Collectively, using different devices, you can still choose to play different games together.

Is Ark Cross Platform?

How Do I Allow The Cross-Play Option In Ark?

For that purpose, you have to follow some steps:

  1. First of all, you have to login to your GPortal account for that purpose.
  2. Right now, choose the right server.
  3. From the left menu side, choose the “Basic Settings” option.
  4. Now you have to choose between the options.
  5. Afterwards, restart the server.

Is Ark Cross Platform? Are All Platforms Compatible?

Yes, it’s a cross-platform game. However, not all of the platforms are compatible with each other. For the cross-play, both parties require similar quality as well. Actually, the games that are available on the Google Stadia, Xbox, PlayStation, mobile, and PC are supporting it. However, it’s a cross-play available game but not compatible with all. Some of its platforms show more flexibility than others.

Is Ark Cross Platform? Are All Platforms Compatible?

Is Ark Cross Platform Between Xbox And Play-station?

The players can choose to play cross-gen, which is within the same brand. However, with the console brand, users are unable to cross-play with each other.

Is There A Cross Platform Between Xbox And PC?

People who purchase the game from the same Microsoft store can choose to play it cross-platform. That’s the reason both users can choose to cross-play this game.

Microsoft And Epic Game Store Compatibility

However, it also creates a difference when it’s about the Microsoft and Epic game stores. That’s why the users who chose to play on Microsoft are usually not compatible with the players that have Epic Game Store.

Steam And Google Play Compatibility

Moreover, PC users with Steam or Google Play are also compatible with each other. They can easily cross-play between these platforms.

Mac, Linux, And EGS Compatibility

Basically, users of Linux and Mac cannot cross-play this Ark game with the EGS. However, they can cross-play the game with Steam copy users.

Is Ark Cross Platform? Are All Platforms Compatible?

Xbox And PS4 Cross-Play

This ark is not supporting the cross-play between these two mediums. Basically, the Xbox and PS4 are not compatible with each other. If you want to play these games, you must buy the compatible option. So if you and your friends don’t have the same devices, you can’t play it together.

Ios And Android Cross-Play Compatibility

It’s also important to know that both iOS and Android can interact with each other. Additionally, these two devices are not compatible with other devices. That’s why only mobile users can play this game. This game is basically a mobile cross-platform game. This cross-play actually works with compatible and similar types of devices.

Ios And Android Cross-Play Compatibility

Nintendo Cross-Play Compatibility

This platform doesn’t allow any facility or cross-play with other plates.

The Plot Of The Ark Game

It’s the game that is available to play in 2017. During the game period, you have to pass through the different challenges. In order to survive, you have to pass through all the harsh environments. For that purpose, you have to craft the weapons and tame the dinosaurs. Is Ark cross platform? The answer depends on the type of platform.

  1. Basically, it’s an action-type game.
  2. You have to pass through the adventuring and mysterious environments.
  3. Basically, this game is about to make the Extinction.
  4. Moreover, you have to save the robot’s life thereafter.
  5. This game includes 100 weapons.
  6. You can craft and buy the weapons.
  7. Additionally, this game will offer you the chance to play with 176 unique dinosaurs.
  8. Most things within the games will appear in the form of graphics.
  9. Additionally, it will include exoticism, exploration, and other adventures.

Steps To Find The Cross-Platform Ark Server

Different players can join to play it across the platforms. For that purpose, you have to do the sleuthing. However, you will not see any option for a cross-platform server on the server browser.

  • Through websites like gaming communities and Reddit, you can find servers.
  • On these websites, you can search for the type of player you are looking for.
  • If you are searching for Windows 10, then you can select it here.

Steps To Find The Cross-Platform Ark Server

  • Moreover, you can also give people the option to join the same server.
  • Afterwards, you will see the compatible servers.
  • However, all the servers that don’t have compatibility will not be available here.
  • In addition, you can also choose the settings of the host server.
  • Through this setting, you will start to appear on the profiles of other users.
  • For that purpose, first of all, you have to choose the map.
  • Now select the server. Afterwards, select the password and admin. After that, you can allow the cross-play option.

Benefits Of Ark As A Cross-Play Game

With the features of cross-play, it will have a lot of benefits. With the help of a larger community, they can play on a large scale.

  1. First of all, it will expand the player base.
  2. It will enable different players to interact and play together on the other servers.
  3. Moreover, it’s the best platform to bring family and friends together.

Benefits Of Ark As A Cross-Play Game

  1. With this amazing feature, players can easily switch between devices.
  2. Without losing the game’s progress, it will enable them to play it anytime, anywhere.
  3. Moreover, it’s the best option for mobile users.
  4. It will ensure that people can test their skills against each other.
  5. With the different skills, people can choose to cross-play them.


Can PS4 And Xbox Play Ark Together?

Basically, it only supports cross-play between compatible devices. However, PS4 and Xbox are not compatible with each other. That’s why these users can’t play this game in a cross-play sense.

Is Ark Fully Cross-Platform?

Yes, it is cross-platform. However, it is not compatible with all of the platforms. It means it’s a kind of semi-cross-platform game. Basically, Windows, Android, Xbox, and iOS users can use it to cross-play the game.

Where Is Ark Free?

For that purpose, go to the Epic Game Store. From their site and app, you can choose this Ark game. It’s free to play there.

Concluding Thoughts

ARK is an action and adventuring game comprised of action. Is Ark cross platform? The answer is yes. However, it’s not compatible with all platforms. It only works with selective platforms. Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows 10 can choose to cross-play this game. However, it’s still unknown, and we hope to get this cross-platform feature in the Ark2 edition.

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