What are Best bottleneck calculators? Features and Tips

What is the purpose of the bottleneck calculator? Is it giving accurate results? It provides the calculations to check the performance status of the PC and its components. Moreover, it can suggest information about the components that will not bottleneck your system. Online calculators are good, but there is no confirmation of accuracy in the results.

This article will include the features, types, and steps of using a bottleneck calculator. Additionally, it will also discuss the bottlenecking of different components.

bottleneck calculator

What Is A Bottleneck Calculator?

Basically, it’s the name of a tool that is actually useful for measuring and analyzing the computer’s and graphics card’s performance. Moreover, it is also able to check the CPU and GPU speeds. However, the wrong type of bottleneck usually happens when you connect two different GPUs and CPUs. Due to this reason, sometimes computers might show a decrease in performance. That’s why there is nothing wrong with saying that these bottlenecks are actually important to evaluate the performance of a computer.

It also determines how and when your computer requires an upgrade. Sometimes it can also happen that it will not show accurate results. That’s why, as a beginner, you should use it to evaluate your performance.

Features And Accuracy Of The Bottleneck Calculator

Following are the most important features of these calculators: That are;

  • They provide you with a basic estimation and knowledge about your PC.
  • It also checks the speed between the GPU and CPU.
  • Moreover, it’s a user-friendly idea.
  • Most of the time, they don’t give accurate results.
  • They are easier to use.
  • It actively analyses the compatibility of the CPU and GPU.
  • Additionally, it will give you an idea when you have to upgrade your PC.
  • In terms of accuracy, 10 percent is considered to be the best percentage point for a PC.
  • Above that percentage, problems arise in the working.

Important Tips For Using The Bottleneck Calculator

The bottleneck calculator that is available online will give you accurate results. Hence, it will give you the green light to indicate which compound you should buy. However, the components can still bottleneck the system. In that case, you should also check the hardware.

Some Of The Best Bottleneck Calculators To Check Your PC

However, you can choose from a variety of bottlenecks to check the performance of a PC. However, it becomes difficult to choose a perfect and accurate calculator. These are;

Some Of The Best Bottleneck Calculators To Check Your PC

  • PC builds bottleneck calculator
  • CPU agent bottleneck calculator
  • MSI Afterburner bottleneck calculator

Type 1: PC Builds A Bottleneck Calculator


  • Basically, it includes the following features and functions in its version, which are:
  • With an immersive interface, they provide easier access.
  • It provides simple user techniques.
  • Additionally, you can find the issues quickly through the easier PC component selection.
  • Moreover, it will calculate GPU and CPU more accurately.
  • It shows a list of all components that require updating.
  • Eventually, it will display the component issues as well.
  • It gives an idea for building it and making it for different tasks.
  • FPS calculator
  • It has an easier format.
  • Moreover, it provides a great interface.

Steps For Using This Bottleneck Calculator

  • For calculations, you have to know the GPU series number, CPU model, and RAM.
  • Afterwards, use this software for automatic calculations.
  • However, it will work best and great in the case of calculating any GPU.
  • It will determine what you need to improve the system or components.

Steps For Using This Bottleneck Calculator

Type 2: MSI Afterburner Bottleneck Calculator

It’s the best calculator that will determine the best addictions and make your PC more comfortable. Whenever you observe its higher values, it means that you are dealing with the problem.


Its features include:

  • It can easily check the usage and monitor the clock, CPU, temperature, and core.
  • Moreover, it is easier to apply to the GPU and memory checking.
  • Whenever you are facing some kind of trouble, it means that there might be a problem.
  • However, it’s not important to work as a tester to monitor this PC.
  • It enslaves the features.
  • Moreover, it will include a hardware monitor.
  • You can observe all kinds of hardware specifications.

Type 2: MSI Afterburner Bottleneck Calculator

Type 3: CPU Agent Bottleneck Calculator

It is also consider as one of the amazing software agent. Moreover it’s an addition from a CPU agent. Additionally you can check and test its ability across 80 titles.

Steps To Use

  • First of all you have to select your components that you want to check.
  • Than eventually select the resolutions, speed, quality and RAM to check the settings of the games.
  • Afterwards you can easily see the comparison between the required and available Data.


  • Additionally you can see the gaming and PC bottleneck options.
  • It will assure you the complete and a set of extensive information.
  • Moreover it gives you the quick details of benchmark information.
  • It can easily test 80 + popular titles as well.
  • Moreover it also completes the focus over CPU performance.
  • Bottleneck computer’s manual check guide

Type 3: CPU Agent Bottleneck Calculator

  • First of all you have to open the app or a game that you doubt to have reason for bottlenecking.
  • Afterwards you have to press certain buttons that includes windows key+ x.
  • Right now you will see the option of task manager.
  • On top of it side you will see the option of performance.
  • Onward to this you can check GPU, CPU memory. It actually gives the consistency (100%) for a long time period.
  • You have to check if any system comes up either with the maximum limits. Basically it’s the reason that is bottlenecking your system.

Downsides Of Using Bottleneck Calculator

  • First of all it’s important to know that this software might not provide accurate results all the time.
  • Whenever it interprets the results in numbers it doesn’t means that it gives you the exact figures.
  • Analyze the performance of all components time to time.
  • You must have a complete knowledge about the PC.

Steps Of Choosing Right Hardware Through Bottleneck Calculator

  • You can check that either someone is also using the same system or not.

  • Moreover you can choose to ask about their experience & compare them.
  • Try to ask either any component try to bottleneck the system or not?
  • Check other combinations to select the best.

What Is Bottlenecking? What Are Its Effects On Computer?

Actually bottleneck is a term that shows a decrease in overall component performance. When your computer shows this problem it means that your computer will not face any damages. Actually it is not able to give you the accurate and exact performance. That’s why a bottleneck calculator is a best addition that can determines its requirements.

CPU bottlenecking GPU

Whenever a GPU is running below 100 and CPU at 100 it means GPU is bottlenecking CPU and vice versa. Sometimes it also depends on the type of games as well.

What Is Bottlenecking? What Are Its Effects On Computer? 

Bottlenecking Of RAM

Whenever your ram utilization is higher it means that your ram is not enough to work. For that purpose you should also need to check the frequencies of motherboard or CPU too.

Some System Recommendations To Avoid Bottleneck

1. Gigabyte B550 GAMING X V2 ATX AM4 Motherboard

2. AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 3.7 GHz 6-Core Processor

3. Lian Li LANCOOL 215 ATX Mid Tower Case

4. Intel Core i5-12400 2.5 GHz 6-Core Processor

5. Intel Core i9-13900K 3 GHz 24-Core Processor

Some System Recommendations To Avoid Bottleneck


Q. How Do You Calculate Bottleneck?

Basically it involves the calculation of flow rate that is divisible by its capacity. Its value actually lies between 0 to 100%.

Q. Is CPU Bottleneck The Same As GPU?

Whenever your CPU usage is higher in a comparison to GPU it means CPU has a bottleneck. In this case the game processor is a dependent factor.

Q. Is 10 Percent Bottleneck Bad?

All the components results that are above 10% are showing the bottleneck.


A bottleneck calculator is a good performance measuring tool. There are multiple types of calculators that can be useful for determining various components such as GPU, CPU. However there is not any guarantee of results accuracy. However it provides an idea about the components. That’s why they are affecting the performance rate of your PC. Additionally you can select a bottleneck calculator with online reading for more accurate results.

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